Monday, April 29, 2013

The Beginning Of The Beginning

As though there aren't enough things in this world, a lone blog was born today, destined to be the voice of a generation, a solution to many world problems, and a cultural revolution in one. By absolute coincidence, this blog was created the same day, bearing no resemblance to the first one, whatsoever. This blog is going to be full of irrelevant thoughts, ramblings and ideas that the author should probably keep to himself, but can't, because he wouldn't be an author otherwise. Most of them will revolve around videogames, the hobby that excercies all the skills that are so important when playing videogames. Some of them will feature other passions of the author, such as music, movies, and sitting in front of the monitor with one's legs arms around his legs, thinking about what would happen if he would get teleported into the ancient times and ancients would treat him like a messiah. In other words, it's going to be  one of those blogs.