Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Punch Quest review

This is one of the reviews I usually do for Bunch Of Gamers that wasn't required, so I post it here, since I can't think of anything new to write for now.

                Punch Quest is pure manliness. I don’t know how it’s even possible, but I think that I just grew a whole other set of testicles because of it. It’s so manly that my iPod grew a beard in a day. Oh, you can totally play as a woman – but if that woman existed, she probably would contain 10 times as much man as Sean Connery.  I don’t think there’s another game like it, fueled by pure rage and awesomeness. It does not fuck around and try to insert some useless mechanics like “characters” and “logic” – it only has one thing and one thing is enough. Punching. Lots of punching. This game is 50% manliness, 40% action and 85% punching. If this game is an accurate depiction of what is like being a Hulk, I think that I’m going to see into this whole gamma-radiation exposure thing.
                It’s always a sign of a great game, when I gather enough information for the article about it in about ten minutes into the game, and continue to play it on for two straight hours without stopping. If you didn’t get it, the whole game consists of you, punching everything in front of you, before it has the chance to kick back. The controls are more than simple: there are only two buttons: punch and uppercut. The first one also makes you go faster, while other also makes you jump. Almost immediately, you unlock blocking ability that lets you block all incoming attacks at the cost of momentum and combo multiplier by pressing both attack buttons at the right time or swiping the screen. After the level, you get awarded with “punchos”, this game’s currency that you can spend on upgrading your character’s abilities, power-ups that you can find around the level, or even your looks. There are plenty of abilities and super-moves, each having different cause and effect. The enemies are crazy different from each other, with ones requiring a single strike to go down, to even bosses that require you to think of an actual technique in order to beat them. There are also many fun issues to the punching, like the enemies that you send flying, hitting the others and creating an awesome domino effect, or that make the game not just fun – but absolutely awesome. All of such fast-paced and aggressive games often lack the needed depth to hold you after the first ten minutes – when you begin to realize that the whole game is going to be the same thing over and over. This game, however, manages to have so much to learn about that I doubt you can ever get tired of it. Every time I thought that I’m hitting the top of the learning curve, I found myself learning some new trick or combo against certain enemies that made me better at this game.
                The whole game is infinite, so of course, everything in it is bound to repeat itself, sooner or later – but somehow – I really don’t know how – there was never a moment when I thought to myself “damn, I’ve already been in this situation/level/place before” – the game manages to be so much randomly generated that no situation is repeated and you feel like you are really playing on a single damn long level, every time. The game also has a great soundtrack and 8-bit graphics that make you question if this game would be any good in any other visual style. To put simply, Punch Quest is one of the best, craziest and most fun actions I’ve ever played. It’s free-to-play but you would never notice that from the game itself. It’s soaking with awesome.

                Bottom Line: A game about punching, angry dudes, chicks and super-gnomes. It’s as awesome as it is crazy. I don’t know of any other mobile game that makes your blood pump like this one does.